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Esteemed scholars and researchers,

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the website of the International Journal of Islamic Marketing, a groundbreaking publication dedicated to exploring the intersection of commerce and Islamic principles. As the Arab world's only journal of its kind, it is affiliated with the esteemed International Association of Islamic Marketing based in Britain.

Since its inaugural issue in 2012, the International Journal of Islamic Marketing has been consistently publishing high-quality research and insights from leading scholars and practitioners in the field. We invite you to peruse the diverse and distinguished content found within its pages.

We extend our warmest wishes for success and productivity to all who contribute to the advancement of Islamic marketing knowledge.

الباحثون والباحثات الكرام

حياكم الله في موقع المجلة العالمية للتسويق الاسلامي وهي المجلة الاولى في العالمي التي تعنى بشوؤن السوق والتسويق الاسلامي. وتتبع المجلة للهيئة العالمية للتسويق الاسلامي ومقرها بريطانيا وقد تم نشر اول عدد منها عام 2012 وهي تنشر بانتظام منذ ذلك الحين

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