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Since IIMA is a non-profit organization, it will endeavor whenever possible to reduce membership fees and costs. The following is an explanation of the fee and cost structure:

    1. Application and processing fees:
      250 USD or equivalent. Application forms can be acquired by contacting

    2. Visit fees:
      No fees will be charged for the first two visits. Each subsequent

    3. Visit costs:
      Proper accommodation and transportation is to be provided to the experts. However, to comply with the spirit of Islamic Marketing, only four or three star hotels and economy flights are allowed.

    4. First year membership as Ameen (Islamic Marketing Affiliate) is 1,500 USD and 1,000 annually after that as long as membership status is maintained.

    5. IIMA reserves the right to change the fees and costs. A notification will be given two months in advance of renewal and organizations can choose not to renew if an updated fees/cost structure is deemed unsuitable for them.


Please use the above form to register.

Once you register and become a registered member, you will be able to have unrestricted access to some of the content on our website. Registered users are given priority over unregistered users and therefore are able to get more from our site. We offer a whole range of services, which are detailed under each section or membership category.

If you would like to learn more about these memberships or any other details, please read about them on our website or please feel free to contact us through our contact us page. One of our executives will be able to assist you.

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