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Students can apply for the status of Islamic Marketing Associate (IMA) only. The process for acquiring the IMA status is composed of two main parts over a period of 13 months. The higher level professional membership as a Certified Islamic Marketer (CIMA) can only be acquired by professionals either employed or freelance. However, students can accumulate Professional Development Hours (PDH) and these will be counted towards acquiring the CIMA status after graduation or securing employment.

Part One. The Application Stage: 

  1. A formal application must be made by the candidate to IIMA.

  2. The candidate is then requested to provide Professional Development documents detailing his/her experiences in any of the fields of Islamic marketing and also his/her related qualifications.

  3. The candidate will then be advised of the number of professional development hours (PDH) he/she needs to accumulate in order to qualify for the status of Chartered Islamic Marketer.

  4. All candidates will be required to accumulate between 15 -35 professional development hours (PDH) during the first 12 months of their candidacy. The number of hours will depend on the candidate’s own record and experiences. Candidates with limited and/or less varied experience will be asked to accumulate more hours.

  5. A list of accepted sources of PDH will be provided to the candidate and he/she will be given 12 months to accumulate the required hours.

  6. During the application stage the candidate will be granted the status of Islamic Marketing Associate (IMA).

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