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Companies and institutions in both the private and public sector can apply for the status of an Affiliate of Islamic Marketing (Ameen – Arabic for Trustworthy), which certifies that their entire marketing practice, including processes, are accepted within the Islamic market and by Muslim consumers.

The certification process is composed of an elaborate marketing audit where all marketing activities carried out by the candidate organization are reviewed twice by two experts assigned by the IIMA executive council. The process includes the following steps:


  1. A formal application must be made by the candidate organization to the IIMA.
  2. The IIMA will deliver a list of items that will be reviewed by the experts.
  3. A date will be agreed for the first review visit. The visit will result in a preliminary report highlighting areas of improvement - if any - and a date is agreed for the execution of the improvements if these are required.
  4. A second and final visit date is agreed where IIMA experts conduct the final review. The second visit will result in either the granting of the status of Islamic Marketing Affiliate or the denial thereof.
  5. An organization which is granted the status will need to submit yearly reports detailing the marketing activities carried out during the previous year.
  6. An organization which is granted the status will be visited by the review team once every three years after acquiring the status for the first time. However, in case of possible deviation from the agreed audit list, more visits can be requested by the IIMA.
  7. The IIMA reserves the right to withhold the status of any affiliate in the case of serious misconduct.
  8. An organization that was denied the status can re-apply six months from the date of the original denial.

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